Kenji Miyazawa

Kenji Miyazawa: A Self-help Guru of Sorts

Kenji Miyazawa was a Japanese author, poet, and farmer who passed away in 1933. His works, even after his death, continue to inspire and motivate many. Most of his writings revolve around the idea of living a mindful, simple, and fulfilling life. Miyazawa’s teachings and philosophy are still relevant and can be applied to our lives today. In this post, we’ll explore the ideas and principles that Miyazawa believed in and how we can learn from them to lead a better life.

Find joy in nature – One of Miyazawa’s primary beliefs was that nature can heal us and keep us grounded. He often wrote about agriculture and nature in his works, emphasizing how farming is not only about growing crops but also about nurturing the earth. Today, with urbanization, many of us have lost touch with nature. Miyazawa’s writings can help us find joy in little things in nature like trees, flowers, and animals.

The power of empathy – Empathy was another crucial aspect of Miyazawa’s philosophy. He believed in understanding how others feel and using that understanding to help them. He often wrote about kindness and caring for others. Miyazawa’s work can teach us to be more empathetic and compassionate towards others, helping us build strong relationships.

Life is full of contradictions – Miyazawa often wrote about the contradictions of life and how they contribute to its beauty. He believed that accepting these contradictions is crucial for us to live a fulfilling life. Life is never perfect, but by accepting its imperfections, we can learn to appreciate it more. This perspective can teach us to focus on the good in life instead of obsessing over the bad.

Constant self-improvement – Miyazawa believed in constantly improving oneself, physically, and mentally. In one of his works, he wrote, “Nurture one’s own being and never let it go to waste.” Miyazawa’s works can inspire us to examine ourselves, find our weaknesses, and work on improving them. We all have room to grow, and even small steps can lead to significant progress.

Live in the moment – Miyazawa often emphasized the value of mindfulness and being present in the now. He believed that living in the moment was the key to a fulfilling life. Life is fleeting, and we shouldn’t waste it by dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. By appreciating the present, we can find joy and satisfaction in life.

Kenji Miyazawa may have been gone for almost a century, but his ideas and teachings are still relevant and can be applied to our lives today. In his work, he encourages us to live more mindfully, find joy in nature, be empathetic, accept life’s contradictions, continuously improve ourselves, and live in the moment. By following his teachings, we can find a more fulfilling and satisfying life. So, let’s take inspiration from Miyazawa and work towards leading happier, healthier lives.

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