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Unleashing your Inner Writer with Hilary Mantel’s Life and Works

Are you interested in creating your own literary masterpiece but feel stuck or unsure of how to get started? Author Hilary Mantel might just be the inspiration and mentor you need to awaken your inner writer. Mantel, a two-time winner of the prestigious Man Booker Prize, has a captivating writing style and a wealth of experience in the field of literary arts. In this blog post, we will delve into her life and works and explore how her journey can inspire and guide you in your writing quest.

Hilary Mantel was born in Derbyshire, England, in 1952. Her early life was not easy as she suffered from a debilitating illness that kept her bedridden for most of her childhood. Instead of allowing this setback to limit her, she spent most of her formative years immersing herself in books and writing. This early start allowed Mantel to develop a disciplined writing routine which paved the way for her successful literary career. So, if you are serious about writing, start by reading widely and developing as much discipline as you can.

Mantel’s writing style is characterized by strong character development, vivid imagery, and unparalleled attention to detail. Her most famous work, the ‘Wolf Hall’ trilogy, chronicles the rise of Thomas Cromwell, an advisor to King Henry VIII during the 16th century. Her works masterfully blend history and fiction, creating rich and rounded characters that feel completely alive and relatable. Her attention to detail is reflected in her use of language, which is precise, unadorned, and full of depth and meaning. This style of writing encourages the reader to engage more deeply with their inner selves, and to mine for deeper meanings beyond what appears merely on the surface.

Another aspect of Hilary Mantel’s writing that sets her apart is her meticulous research. To create the vivid and detailed worlds she is known for, Mantel immerses herself in the minutia of historical records, artifacts, and customs. Her research extends to her own personal experiences as well. Mantel has been affected by disabling illness like her protagonist in ‘Ralph and Ensri’, and the lessons learned in that experience taught her to apply what she learned to her writing. She has also lived in Africa, an experience that enriched her understanding of human nature and society, ultimately making her a better writer.

So how do you unleash your inner writer using Hilary Mantel’s life and works as a guide? The key is to start with yourself. Use your experiences, whether good or bad, to inform your writing. Draw on what you have internalized about human nature and society. Embrace your passions and interests, and channel them into your writing, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Discipline yourself to write every day, however, much you can spare, and whatever comes to mind.

Hilary Mantel’s story is a reminder that we all have the potential to write and create works that touch people’s hearts and minds. To reach that potential, we have to be brave enough to pursue our passions and push past our fears, limitations, and setbacks. We hope this blog post inspired you to start your writing journey, and that the insights gleaned from Mantel’s life and works, will help you unleash your inner writer and create works that resonate with and inspire others.

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