Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the Inspirational Poet Who Conquered Illness and Love with Her Pen.

When talking about poetry, the name Elizabeth Barrett Browning comes to mind. Bet you never thought it would take you back to Victorian England, right? But, that’s where this great poet was born and raised. Her life was full of challenges but she never let that stop her from fulfilling her passion for writing poetry. Her works are inspiring and they convey deep emotions that even today resonate with many people. This blog post talks about the life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the woman, and the author.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a poet born on March 6, 1806. She started writing poetry when she was only 6 years old, inspired by the works of her mother. Barrett’s life wasn’t easy growing up, just like most people during that time. She was raised in a strict household with plenty of rules to follow. She often lay sick because of her weak constitution, but that didn’t stop her from finding her passion for poetry. Her first published work was “The Battle Of Marathon” which she wrote when she was just 14 years old!

One of her most notable works, “Sonnet 43: How Do I Love Thee?”, is still one of the most popular love poems today. Written in 1845, the poem conveys the most important message that love is eternal and cannot be easily shaken by any challenges in life. She published several other works during her time, but “Sonnet 43” remains a fan favorite.

Elizabeth’s life was full of challenges, but the greatest one was her failing health. She suffered from lung disease, and doctors believed that she would not live past her 25th year. Despite the many treatments that she underwent, her condition did not improve. Her love story with fellow poet Robert Browning is a tale that would make some people regain faith in love. She believed that he was an angel sent from heaven, and their relationship became the inspiration for several of her works.

She lived in isolation for many years, and her love for poetry became her escape from reality. In 1846, Browning’s “Poems” was published which brought her several awards and accolades. She was a feminist in her time and often used her poetry to promote women’s rights. Her works were admired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Florence Nightingale, and Queen Victoria. In 1850, she published “Sonnets from the Portuguese” which is her most popular work.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning is a name that paved the way for female poets all around the world. Her works were nothing short of inspirational, and her determination to keep writing despite her personal struggles was something to admire. Her love story with Robert Browning is a testament to the fact that true love can indeed conquer all odds. Today, Elizabeth Barrett Browning remains one of the most revered poets of all time, with her works remaining relevant even in the modern era.

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